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We invite you to take a look at our site and get to know us, our four Golden Girls and one  very special Hungarian-Puli Bitch.

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Heike Hofmann-White


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On 16/08/2023 Pepsi gave birth to five Dogs and three Bitches

This is an extract from my new book, "The Slut Goddess".

But it does relate to my dog breeding years.

We take dog breeding very seriously.

Looking after our puppies is an absolute golden rule.

We would never leave them in any other hands no matter how qualified they might seem.

So you might be surprised to learn that when the chance came to go on a "jolly" to the mediterranean in May this last year, even though we had a litter of sick puppies, that we decided it was more opportune to enhance our life and that of our boss (money via commission is important) rather than look after the little ones.

It is just a shame that one of them died two days before the trip. But a small loss is part of the game.....

The book will be published before christmas 2023 by apple e-books and KDP.