Born to be Free - Golden Retriever

Ever since I was twelve years old a dog was a member of our family. First it was a "Kleine Munsterländer" which was a trained hunting dog and which my father took hunting with him. Even then I realised that owning a dog was not just pleasure but meant one had duties. 

It so happened that a lot of the work - afternoon walks, basic training, visits to the vet - were my responsibility.

The first dog of my own was a Golden Retriever which I bought from Frau Warstat's Kennel in 1992. I named him Charly after his kennel name "Kerrygold's Amando Charles".

Now my love for the breed was initiated and a year later I bought Robin (Bright Star Robin of the Gold Princess) from Else Gunsilius.

Robin was immediately a success at shows and so he received the title of "Deutscher Jugendchampion" and in 1994 he was junior winner at both the German and the Austrian Club Shows.

A move to a new house meant that I could fulfill my dream and get a bitch which I would hopefully be able to breed from. By now I had spent considerable time learning about breeding lines and many of the other aspects concerened with dog-breeding I decided to buy "Mabel" (Gembaek's Music Kira) form the Danish Kennel owned by Marianne Scott-Jespersen. It then turned out that "Mabel" together with "Robin" would start my own breeding line. Their first litter consisted of 8 puppies - 4 dogs and 4 bitches. From this litter I kept "Born to be Free Accent of Music" who successfully continued my line.

My Husband brought with him a Golden Bitch (Canina Magical Romance) who came from the extremely successful Kennel of Bob and Malene Sillence. This gave me the chance to build up a second line with origins going back to the Golden Retriever's homeland.

In the mean time together with my husband I have raised several wonderful litters

The breeding rules here in Germany (both DRC and GRC - VDH - FCI) are very strict - a situation which we both agree with and therefore our kennel will remain purely a hobby and not a commercial enterprise.  

Our aim is to breed healthy, beautiful dogs with a firm character which will become wonderful and hopefully long-lived companions to their new owners. For these reasons I very critical when selecting stud dogs to go with my girls


Heike Hofmann-White

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