Born to be Free - Golden Retriever



Gew: 15.05.2017

I'm Terra Antyda Xtra Cool Rosegrove let it be me GB CH
Shardanell Castaspell
Rosegrove Follow your dream
Milbu Greta Grietina
Balt. Pol. Ch.
Dewmist Silk Symphony
Lva Ch.
Milbu Chelsea
I'm Terra Antyda Harmony Mad About You De Ria Vela VDH Ch
Ashbury Angel Heart
Esp Ch.
Nativegold Diamond Forever
I'm Terra Antyda Alabama Est. J. Ch.
Terra Antyda Sani Unreal Hope
Est. J Ch.
Terra Antyda Sani Alabama


Born: 15.05.2017

Sire: i’m Terra Antyda Xtra Cool

Dam: I’m Terra Antyda Harmony

Breeder: Mairi Siimon, Estland


HD: A2/A2

ED: 0/0

Eyes: PRA, RD, HC free

GRC Breeding Qualification: Excellent

Text: Very good size, excellent type, very feminine, darl eyes, plenty of pigment, excellent coat, excellent body, correct in all details. Moves well.

ZGRC Breeding Certification: excellent without restrictions

Character Test: (Original German Text)

Eine 14- Monate alte Hündin, die Menschen gegenüber sehr aufmerksam und freundlich ist. Mit einer freundlichen Grundstimmung geht sie in die Gruppe und schaut sich alles an. Sie hat Spass am apportieren und zeigt heute gute jagdliche Eigenschaften. In die Meute geht sie freundlich, zeigt Unterordnungsbereitschaft und nimmt Spielangebote an. Bei den Schüssen sehr interessiert, läuft sofort zum Schütze.

Die Hündin ist schussfest.

Character Test Translation:

A 14 month old bitch who is very attentative and friendly to people. With a friendly prevailing mood she moved into the group and looked at everything. She enjoyed retrieving and displayed for us today that she has good hunting properties. In the pack she is friendly, displays willingness to subordinate and accepts play offers. Hearing shots, she shows interest and went immediately to the shooter.

She is not gun-shy.

Shows: multiple excellent results and was placed.

When we heard that a bitch from the litter would be available we knew that we wanted Paige. What should I say: This girl is both from her nature and character a dream. She has more than fulfilled all our expectations: cuddly, easy to handle, attentive, adaptable. Simply a star.

Our thanks go to Mairi Siimon, giving her to us!!