Born to be Free - Golden Retriever

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Bringing up

On this page we will try and show you a little about how we rear our puppies.

Our puppies are born in a whelping box in the living room.

They stay there during their time with us. At the end of the second week they are de-wormed for the first time. This is repeated several times.

During the third we add a larger play area to their box where there are plenty of toys for them to play with and where they will gradually get used to their surroundings with people moving around, and the usual household noises.

After the third week we welcome visitors. Until then the puppies and their mother only have contact with our family to reduce any risk of infection to a minimum.

After about 5 weeks and depending on the weather the puppies may be allowed outside in our garden and can also have contact with other people such as the neighbour's kids as shown here.

If the weather is suitable the puppies may spend all day playing with the various objects and toys which we give them in their outdoor area.

We also have a large Log Cabin with veranda for them to retreat to if it should suddenly rain. The outdoor area joins the cabin and is a part of our 3000 m² Garden. During all this time the puppies have become extremely inquisitive and learn easily so we confront them with as many impressions as possible.

Here they have a deer hide, and ducks wings to play with.

Noises such as a bicycle bell. Kids playing football and people opening umbrellas etc.

Using a large variety of optical and acoustic stimuli we prepare the puppies for the life "outside" with their new owners later. We also take them regularly in the car. The puppies are also introduced to things other than their normal puppy food such as fruit, green tripe, dried ears, yoghurt, bones to chew on and so on.

All this leads to dogs which are healthy, friendly, not easily frightened by noise or movement and have the character attributes as described in the breed description.

After eight weeks, the puppies will have been de-wormed, vaccinated, and chipped and are ready to leave us. As breeders we have done everything possible to ensure their new owners get just the dog they have wanted.

Many take part later in puppy meetings and various types of obedience or hunting training.