Born to be Free - Golden Retriever

Tenfield Midday Sun


Born: 25.05.2010

Bramhills Blake
Sh Ch & Irish Sh Ch
Erinderry Diamond Egde of Glenvis
Ch & Irish Sh Ch
Papeta Philosopher
Irish Sh Ch
Erinderry Amber of Tyrol
Bramhills Chrysantha Gunhills Star Voyager to Bramhills
Bramhills Pasque Flower
Tenfield Maori Venture
Sh Ch
Squirrelsmead Digby of Canina
Sh Ch
Ashlyn of Canina
Gleethorne Sweet Charity of Squirrelsmead
Tenfield Silver Gull Messano Blueprint
Tenfield All At Sea

Junior Handling with Morgan

Great Friends

Sire: Ch. Bramhills Blake J.W.

Dam: Ch. Tenfield Maori Venture J.W.

Breeder: Kim Ellis, GB

HD: B1

ED: Free/Free

Eyes: HC/PRA/RD free

PRA 1, PRCd, PRA 2: Clear (Laboklin)

Ichthyosis: Free

GRC Breeding Qualification: Excellent

Character Test: (Original German Text)

Eine freundliche Hündin mit grosser innerer Sicherheit; gegenüber ihren Artgenossen verhält sie sich freundlich und zutraulich, ist jedoch nicht unbedingt am Spiel mit ihnen interessiert. Gegenüber ihren Hundeführern verhält sie sich sehr aufmerksam. Fremden begegnet sie sehr freundlich und mit großem Zutrauen. Die Umwelteinflüsse und Geräuschquellen nimmt sie interessiert wahr. Auch an den Schüssen ist sie interessiert. Sie ist schussfest.


A friendly bitch with great inner confidence. She is friendly and trusting towards other dogs but is not necessarily interested in playing with them. She is very attentive towards her owners. She is very friendly and trusting towards strangers.  She reacts to her surroundings and noises in an interested manner. She is also interested in gun shots and is not gun-shy.


Cacib Nürnberg 2012: 1. Place, Excellent 1 Anw. Dt.Ch. VDH, Open Class

Cacib München 2012: 4.Place, Excellent 4 Open Class.  

GRC Breeding Qualification: Excellent

Muffin was aproved for breeding by the GRC on 07.12.2012

Muffin means we are lucky to have a bitch from an excellent English line. Thanks to Kim!

It was very important to us when we chose her that Muffin's Ancesters went back to the old "Canina" line owned by by Bob and Marlene Sillence from whom we originally had "Magic". Thanks also to Marlene who suggested we call Kim.

Muffin is a very gentle, patient, easily led bitch with the right will to please. She can often be found sleeping "next to" our daughter's bed:)) A really super Golden girl!